About Us

Progoti IT is proud to operate INTERNET Service under the commission of BTRC. Our mission has started from the year of 2013. We have taken a challenge in the rural market to gather a customer penetration and we have achieved something. In this wireless age like 3G service provider and WIMAX operator we faced some challenge and now recovering those issues. We have paid some faith to the end user that only we can serve you with low cost, No limit and fast support service.

When Progoti IT started in Narayangonj area some people teach us that how we will survive in the wireless market. Most of the users were in wireless modem based and non experienced in Cable broadband. We pay those tests to the valuable users about Cable broadband.

Now Progoti IT is success to gain that users hope. Most of the users are interested in our network. We are committed to our customer to ensure the uptime and trying so.

In this Fighting field our Honorable Head of Operations, MR. Shahajahan took that challenge and he has done this job from the liability of this rural society. His 10 years experience has shared in this service. He has provided to the customer wireless router in a minimum cost so that a smart mobile phone user also can use this cable broadband connection and succeed cause many of the users are using cable broadband internet without heavy cost Desktop computer and LAPTOP.

Our Next mission is going to provide the customer awareness in internet using. Protect miss use of internet. We are giving education our new users and pay the attentions about the advantage and disadvantage of Internet.